Tesla Model S Quickest American Car - Car Trends

2013 Tesla Model S Quickest American Car - Car Trends

The Tesla Model S is American quickest four doors car drive like a sports car, agile, eager and instantly responsive. It drive smoothly effortless, efficient, carry almost as much stuff such as Rolls-Royce, Toyota Prius and Chevy Equinox.
This car is a truly remarkable the most accomplished powerful delivers the driving characteristics in Tesla Model S.
Tesla Model S body is made all-aluminum construction is light weight and strong front and rear suspension. Tesla claimed the speed ranges of 140, 200, and 265 miles,  respectively. It has performance version of 416 hp and 443 lb-ft.
This car is midsize luxury sedon well-equipped and high-tech car.
 Tesla Model S with a base price of $58,570 at an average of 74.5 mpg-e the Tesla Model S cost at least  6 cents a mile to run.
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